They are the change you were looking for.

I’ve just finished my first drafts of illustrations inspired by the courageous protest happening in London. Have you been outside recently? It is cold! And rainy, thankfully not that drizzly stuff that’s a constant reminder of how dreadful Britain can be in the winter but good, solid drops that must be reeking havoc in those nylon tents.

Yet they carry on, despite the smear campaigns by various right-leaning periodicals and the abrupt resignation of Giles Fraser, it seems London is not as apathetic as our elected officials seem to believe.

On to the illustrations…



Bail Out





So they’re not finished OK? I’m heading off bright an early to (finally) get some screen-printing done so if you imagine lots of dramatic red and black on some heavy paper you’ll be nearly there. My thinking behind them should be explained as well I guess, mainly for my benefit if not anyone else. My aim was to work out a sequential narrative structure that both worked as an individual image (to be used on sign?) and as a whole, comic panels that can move around a bit if you like.

The drawing are all based on photos from the retrofile collection at Getty Images, something about the incredibly staged nature of these stock photos in the context of protest really appealed to me. The ambivalence of the images is meant to reflect the lack of political machinations within the movement itself and also the peaceful nature of the protest.

I’m continuing on with the work, trying to get past my first line of inquiry and actually building up on these initial thoughts to make a more concrete strategy for helping myself and others communicate.  These people are out there fighting for everybody’s future and deserve recognition not ridicule, the dream of capitalism has turned into a nightmare and those sleepless nights pitched on concrete streets can only serve to highlight institutionalized corruption that we can no longer afford to pay for.

Sleep well. They will not.


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2 Responses to They are the change you were looking for.

  1. Mark Boswell says:

    Greetings Mr M R Frame,

    I heard from Ken about your interest in avant-garde cinema and so forth…I think your drawings and posters are excellent. Maybe we can exchange e-mails and figure how to get some meaningful communication going in this digital age without interrupting our drinking schedules!



    • mrmrframe says:

      Hi Mark, this is a huge surprise. I didn’t expect one of the subjects of my blog post to get in touch so thanks! I’ll send you through an email now…

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